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Ways to Support Scouting


We often hear from people about their childhood experiences in scouting and how it made a difference in their lives growing up and shaped who they are today.  Usually people will then say something like “I wish I knew how to give back” or “I would like to give back but don’t know how.”  Well there are many ways that people can contribute to scouting and help make a difference.   Here are a few.

  • VISIT at
  • Donate money to support the Council through the annual Friends of Scouting Campaign.

  • Make a contribution to the Council Endowment Fund.

  • Buy Popcorn from a scout in a local Pack, Troop or Venture Crew. 

  • Donate items from the Council Wants and Needs list.

  • List the Council as a beneficiary for an insurance policy.

  • Participate in one or more of the Council or District Fundraising events like Sporting Clay Shoots, Car Shows, Golf Tournament, Corporate Pinewood Derby, and Distinguished Citizen Dinners and so on.

  • Volunteer to work with the local Pack, Troop, Crew or even the District.

Friends of Scouting

Each year the French Creek Council Boy Scouts of America asks Families, Individuals and Businesses to make contributions to the Annual Friends of Scouting Campaign.  The money raised during this campaign helps to pay for many things in the Council’s budget including but not limited to the utilities to operate the Scout Service Center and Custaloga Town Scout Reservation, salaries for employees of the Council, supplies needed to operate the Scout Service Center, Custaloga Town.  These include office and program supplies, training materials, and recognition items for volunteers and scouts.  This is where improvements to camp come from as well.   

Endowment Fund

The endowment fund of the council is where special donations go to perpetuate scouting in the French Creek Council Boy Scouts of America for years to come.  The money in the endowment fund is kept in a special account and only interest in a limited percentage is available, if needed to be used for the operation of the council.  The larger this fund can grow, the less the council will need to depend on outside sources of funds to survive. 

Popcorn & Product Sales

Popcorn is one of the largest sources of income for the Scouting program.  In the French Creek Council Boy Scouts of America 70% of the cost of the product stays local with about 35% going directly to support the local Pack, Troop or Crew and 30% going to the French Creek Council and 5% to the Scouts in the form of prizes and recognition items.  By selling popcorn scouts are earning their own way to attend summer camp, various trips and outings with the unit and helping to support the unit with funds to pay for advancement and recognitions for the scouts. 

Special Events

Special events in the French Creek Council Boy Scouts of America allow individuals and businesses to support scouting and have some fun while doing so.  The Council has two Sporting Clays for Scouting Shoots and a Golf Tournament  which allow supporters to come out with their friends, colleagues and scouts in friendly competition.  There is also a Car Show/Cruise in where people can show off their rides for fun and a great time.  And last but not least there are the Distinguished Citizen Dinners.  These events help to recognize individuals in the community for doing a great service to the community and help to support the scouting program. 

Wants and Needs List

This is a list that is constantly being reviewed and updated with the items that are both needed to operate and would be nice to have to improve the operations of Camp and our Council.  The list includes maintenance and building items, office supplies and program supplies.

Bequests & Beneficiary Contributions

Bequests and beneficiary contributions are made to the Council Endowment fund as well as memorial gifts.  There are specialists available to help individuals in the planning process to include scouting in their will and as beneficiary in insurance policies.  For more information about how to plan for supporting scouting in this way, contact the Scout Council Service Center.

Volunteer Service

Of course we could not do all the things without the volunteers to help keep scouting operating on a daily basis in the units, districts and council.  Volunteers can be unit leaders and committee members, District Scouters who serve on the District Committee and subcommittees or Commissioner Staff.

Take Action Now

  • To make a monetary donation to support the Scouting Program with either the Friends of Scouting, Endowment or other special projects you can contact the French Creek Council at 814-868-5571 or email or send a donation to French Creek Council, 1815 Robison Road West, Erie PA 16509.

  • To make a donation off materials or supplies, visit the Council Wants and Needs List

  • To participate in Special Events, visit the articles for the event of interest to you found in the support scouting section of the website.

  • For other information please contact the Scout Council Service Center at 814.868.5571

  • Council Endowment Application


Michael Cidor
Updated 2016