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Merit Badge Counselor New Resource

Welcome to the First Issue of Counselor’s Compass!

The Boy Scouts of America’s Merit Badge Maintenance Task Force, a group of dedicated vol-unteers like you, is pleased to share the first issue of Counselor’s Compass with you. Our goal is to inform, guide, and inspire merit badge counselors so that your investment in Scouting is worthwhile. Each quarter, we will cover essential topics and tips such as advancement pro-gram updates, effective counseling techniques, and helpful resources. We will also showcase council best practices.

The task force was officially established March 3, 2011, to help update merit badges to ensure program content remains relevant for today’s youth. As the review process began, Scouters realized more support for counselors was needed. As a result, an entire merit badge section was added in the Guide to Advancement, and the educational presentation The Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling was developed. Both resources are available at

Thank you for all you do to improve youth experiences and skills. Whether you teach a re-quired badge Scouts need to earn the Eagle Scout rank or an optional one related to a trade or hobby, your investment of time, talent, and subject matter expertise is appreciated!

Click Here to download the entire newsletter and links to valuable resources for Merit Badge Counselors, Unit Leaders and Advancement team members at all program levels. 

December 30, 2014