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Keep an Eye Out for Eagle Scout Josh Hart of Villanova This Month!

March 14, 2017

It’s March, which means that the minds of many turn to college basketball as the NCAA hosts its annual championship tournament. This year, you can see an Eagle Scout in action on the court – Villanova’s star senior player, Josh Hart.

This year, Josh led Villanova to its fourth straight Big East Regular Season title, is the conference’s player of the year and is a top contender for top national college basketball player of the year awards. On the court, Josh demonstrates leadership skills and resilience, embodying the tenants of Scouting that he learned early on in life. In high school, Josh remained committed to Scouting, despite devoting much of his time to a rigorous basketball schedule. With the support and encouragement of his father, he worked hard to balance being a devoted family member, student, athlete and Scout. Weeks before his 18th birthday, Josh’s tenacity paid off when he earned his Eagle – no small feat!

ESPN recently shared this inspiring profile on Josh and the impact Scouting had on him. I encourage you to take a moment to view it. When I saw it, I couldn’t have felt more proud of Josh or our organization.

It’s inspiring to me to see such examples of Scouting’s lessons in character and leadership continuing to impact our members as they move into adulthood. I hope others can similarly reap the benefits of our movement as they balance Scouting with their other activities and passions.

As you’re filling out your bracket, keep Josh and Villanova in mind. Regardless of who your team is, I hope you’ll join me in cheering on Josh for his accomplishments.


The Chief

Michael Surbaugh is the Chief Scout Executive for the Boy Scouts of America and a member of the organization's "Key 3" providing leadership and vision to the Scouting movement all across the United States. Find weekly posts at the Chief's Corner on

March 17, 2017