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Like to ride Motorcycles?

The French Creek Council Riders is a fun group and was organized after Scout Executive Duane Havard, Camp ranger Ted Terwilliger, and our elected President of the club (because Ted and Duane appointed him to the position) Rick Witherell took a ride a few years ago.  Rick thought it would be fun to get fellow riders to support the French Creek Council and have folks to ride with as a group. There are no annual meetings, no yearly dues, and no rigid membership requirements. We just have fun and usually twice a year we plan to ride our motorcycles as a group. One time membership fee includes a Riders Shoulder strip and that is about all. Except for the invite to ride with the group which we set a date and hope as many people as possible can attend. Game plan for the group is to meet at a breakfast location and then leave for a day of riding including stopping for lunch somewhere and rest breaks every once in a while. We usually put in at least 200 miles each ride but folks can ride as little or as much as they want. (Some just ride to the breakfast location and then return home) We have a Facebook page French Creek Riders where we post fun stuff and reminders about upcoming rides. Registration fee is based on your motorcycle involvement and the entertaining registration form to complete can be picked up at the McGarvey BSA Service Center at 1815 Robison Road in Erie or online at under resources and forms page.  You can also contact the council office and a registration form can be emailed to you.  

March 29, 2016