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Camp Leader Update
Camp Leader Update

Dear Scouting leaders


Please pass this along to your parents attending Day camp and resident camp for Cub Scouts..


I first want to apologize to everyone that has been trying to get all their leaders attending Day Camp to be registered and have all the background clearances before Day camps start in two weeks.


I was under the understanding that this was what had to happen due to the information that people higher up in the Scouting program had told me.


I have finally received a clarification that adult leaders attending day camp do not have to be registered.


BUT.. they need to complete Youth Protection Training for helping at day camp!


Adults attending Resident camp for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts MUST be registered because they are over 72 hours in length.    


I am very sorry for any problems that may have already developed with this confusion as I was just as confused as everyone else and finally received an answer today.


Once again.


Day camp leaders and walkers do not have to be registered but need Youth Protection.


Resident camp leaders and parents must be registered and have Youth Protection and state clearances.



Duane Havard

Scout Executive

French Creek Council

Boy Scouts of America

June 4, 2018