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BSA and United Way

Recently the French Creek Council was asked if people living in Erie, Venango and Clarion Counties could donate through the United Way to the French Creek Council, BSA even though the French Creek Council, BSA is not a member organization. The answer is yes and here is how to do that.


The Erie County United Way, Clarion United Way and the Venango United Way do not currently support Scouting.  If you would like your United Way donation through those United Ways to support the French Creek Council, BSA you must designate your gift by letting them know that you want your gift to go to the French Creek Council, Boy Scouts of America, 1815 Robison Road West, Erie PA 16509.


Your gift minus an administrative fee of approximately 9% will be given to Scouting.  If you would like 100% of your donation to support Scouting and you live in these counties you can also send your contribution directly to the French Creek Council.


Currently the United Way of Western Crawford County, Titusville UW, Grove City UW, and Mercer County UW all partner with the French Creek Council, Boy Scouts of America. We receive yearly allocations between $3,000- $9000 from each and we are proud to be a partner agency with them. So your gift through those agencies not only helps scouting but also helps numerous organizations in their areas.


Scouting serves over 800 low income at risk youth in Erie County alone and Scouting needs your support for those kids and many more across 6 counties in Northwest PA and the township of Brookfield OH.

We hope that you continue to support your local Unit Way as they do tremendous work in the community but I wanted to clear up the question about designations through the Erie, Venango and Clarion United Ways.


Thank you for your support of Scouting.

October 23, 2013