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This fall the French Creek Council is offering outdoor leader trainings for both Cub Scout Leaders as well as Scouts BSA leaders.  Cub Scout leaders will attend BALOO and Scouts BSA leaders will attend IOLS.  Both of these courses are designed to help leaders feel comfortable in the outdoors with their scouts and be able to handle any situation that may arise. “Every scout deserves a trained leader” is a saying that you will hear often in the BSA and this is especially true when taking youth camping.  These courses are taught by experienced leaders and offer great advice into the areas of planning, equipment, meals and all that is necessary to think about when taking scouts into the outdoors.  Not only are these courses informative, but they are fun!  When registering be sure to bring the necessary item listed because you will be enjoying the outdoors just as you would on a camp out!  Both of these courses will be taught this fall at Custaloga Town Scout Reservation in Carlton, PA on the weekend of September 21-22.  To register for either of these events go to the correct link below! We look forward to seeing you there!

Cub Scout BALOO



Items to Bring:

Notebook & Pen

Water Bottle

Camp Chair or Cushion

Travel Coffee Mug

Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Pad

Personal Hygiene Items


Sun Protection

Extra Clothing

Pocket Knife

Matches or Fire Starter


Health Form Part A & B


August 2, 2019