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Thursday, Mar 11th
Thursday, Apr 8th
Friday, Apr 23rd
Spring Camporee 2021
Spring Camporee 2021


The day will start with groups learning to cook in dutch ovens.  Youth and adults will be broken up into small groups and each group will learn a different recipe.  Want to learn them all?? Dont fret, we will have a cookbook made for the event to ensure you can learn all the dishes prepared.  

Once we finish lunch, units will be able to show off their racing skills with downhill carts. There will be specific instructios for your cart build, and those will be added as soon as they are complete. 

To finish out the day, if the weather cooroperates, we will be having canoe chaos on the pond.  This will be a series of games for the scouts to partake in.  


We will be updating this as more information and details are available.  



January 27, 2021