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 2021 French Creek Council, Colonel Drake District Klondike Derby Hawaiian Luau

Organized by Troop 97 Hydetown PA



Registration starts at 8 AM at CTSR. 

Registration includes a Klondike Patch.  

Registration Cost:Units may order T-Shirt/Sweet Shirt.    Prices to be determined.   

If there is little or no snow, attach wheels to sled if possible

Opening Ceremony 9:00 AM, will include raising the Hawaiian Flag.

No more than 8 sea shells will be earned per event (Luau).  

  Sled’s score will be based on the total number of sea shells collected at each Luau. 

 Lunch will be from 12:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Sleds will cook their own lunch outside.

Sleds will have their shells counted by the Luau Chief at 4:00 PM for final scoring

.Awards Ceremony at 4:30 PM.  


              Event Names (Luau) and Supplies for sleds:

Catch the Snapper in Waimea Bay, four 6’x 1” or 1.5” sticks.  Six 6’ lashing ropes.

Tent Pitching Race at Oahu Island. 

Kilauea Volcano Rope Burning Race

.50 ft. Rescue at Waipio Valley, 50 ft. of rope.

Rescue from Pearl Harbor, two 6 ft. poles.  1 Blanket (for making a stretcher).

Waimea Canyon Crossing.Bandage

Relay at Tripler Medical Center.  Scout neckerchief or Triangle Bandage.

BSA Honokaia Sloppy Camp.

USA and Hawaiian Flag History.

Troop 55 Luau

Troop 51 Luau


October 27, 2020