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Resident camps suspended for 2020

Dear Scouting families, We hope that each of you is safe and secure during this disruptive time in the world. There are many that are on the front lines of this viral event and our special thoughts and prayers go out to them along with all our Families.

With that being said, it is with a heavy heart that we inform you that, after a thorough review, the French Creek Council has decided to suspend our Resident camp programs (Packs and Troops) at Custaloga Town Scout Reservation Camp for the 2020 summer season. We know camp is an important part of every Scout’s summer, and this decision was not made lightly because youth that attend camp are more likely to stay in the program and they will do better in life because of this program.

Key factors that contributed to this decision included; fluctuating attendance, shortage of staff members, undetermined State, local, and federal health guidelines, increased financial cost of food service and cleaning products, home locations of units wanting to camp at CTSR and the overall safety of our Scouting families. This decision will put extreme financial pressure on Scouting in Northwest Pennsylvania, but it is a decision that is the right one for all those involved.

The French Creek Council waited longer than most Scout councils to make this decision as we had hoped that our Northwest Pennsylvania location might provide us the opportunity to meet the ever-changing guidelines for the state of Pennsylvania. This has not happened as needed to support our program in the way we want to operate, and we cannot wait any longer to make this decision. If you have already signed up for camp, you will be given a full refund of all fees and deposits. The Highland Games theme is still expected to be the 2021 resident camp theme so don’t lose your kilts or tartan flags if you have them in place as the dates will be determined soon.

Our council and staff are sad that we are not able to support you at our awesome camp facility this summer, but we expect to see each of you in 2021 with a new shower house in place and a phenomenal staff to provide an exceptional program! Stay safe and keep Custaloga Town in your plans for traditional summer camp programs in 2021. Watch the French Creek Council Face Book page and the website ( for updated information on summer and fall 2020 activities that will be made available as conditions improve in our area.

To discuss your refund, or transfer your deposit to 2021 unit leaders should contact with questions. The office is closed to the public currently, (814-868-5571) but the staff is working from home and check emails daily and voicemails as often as possible. We hope to have all refunds processed by early June at the very latest. The option of transferring your deposit to 2021 is also available and we hope that you make those plans.


Duane Havard

Scout Executive

May 15, 2020