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About CTSR

Dear Unit Leaders,
Camp Hank Forker CTSR
This website was developed to help you plan your Unit's time at Custaloga Town Scout Reservation or at one of our Day Camp sites this summer. We are convinced that if you follow the steps listed in the Camp Leaders Program Guide for each of our exciting programs to develop and plan your time with us, your camp experience will be much more rewarding.

Although there are many ways to measure the success of a camp, the real goals are those of the Scouting movement itself: character building, citizenship training, and personal fitness. The number of merit badges earned or activities passed is not an end to itself. Developing confidence, self-reliance, and knowledge; an appreciation of our natural environment, a concern for it's survival and ours; teamwork; strong agile bodies; quick and discerning minds; empathy for our more or less fortunate brothers, and an understanding of one's fellow man, are all goals that we strive to achieve at camp. However, the bottom line is that the boy must enjoy himself and have fun.

The Council Camping Committee has strived to provide the right atmosphere and staff to help make progress toward these goals, but success depends mostly on you the Unit Leader. It depends on your example, imagination, preparation, and planning. The challenge is great, but so are the rewards as Scouting continues to turn boys into men who hopefully will develop a real passion that they can carry though life.

So, begin planning today and keep reviewing your plan. Consult your Scouts and find out what they hope to gain at camp. Talk to their parents and find out what they would like their sons to achieve. Finally, talk to us so that we can help to make it happen with you.

We stand prepared to help you do your best

September 7, 2017